Finally….The First Post…

I’ve been planning to start a blog to keep track of my babies since before my first, Max, was born in the summer .  I’ve put it off because I have over 2 years of catching up to do, and I didn’t know where to start.  Before another day passes or anymore  milestones achieved, I thought it best to start now and catch up on the past over time.

Hopefully, one day they”ll read this and find some interest / entertainment in our daily life.

I’m also planning to use this blog to share the renovation of our new home and my attempt at starting a new business.  I’ve had my own business before, but this is something I’m much more excited about.  I won’t really be able to share my pictures and ideas until we are settled in our new house in September.

Please feel free to comment (nicely, please) or ask me anything you’d like.


Battle of the Blocks

Earlier today Max and I staged an epic face-off that I’m sure is first of many about putting his toys awayMax poured his bucket of blocks all over the floor and I told him that he couln’t have a bottle, juice, or get out more toys until he put them away.  He put most of them away, save 5 or 6…to test me…but I held strong and continued to ask him to put them away (very politely).  My request didn’t impress him, so he threw one of his all-out screaming and stomping fits (trying to weaken me through his pity-tactic!).  Patiently, I voiced my request over and over….he did not waiver and decided it would be better to dump out all the blocks again.   Hmmmmm, a blitz of little warriors….so, I brought in the secret weapon – Emme- I assisted her in putting several of the blocks away and gave tons of praise for doing so.  Typically Max falls for this tactic, but today he is stronger than I thought.

Back and forth we went for over an hour.  Each of us employing all available “weapons” – but to no avail, we both stood strong.  Finally, with the lengthy tantrum-throwing taking it’s toll…Max was weak and I made my final charge….animal noises.  By imitating the noises of the animals and vehicles pictured on the blocks, I convinced Max to put them in their “home” so they could “nap.”  Today, victory is mine in the Battle of the Blocks….but I know the war of the toys has just begun.  We celebrated my victory with juice and a bottle of  the finest milk in town…and a diaper change.