Design Style – Farmhouse vs. Cottage

Metal, wood, natural fibers, chippy paint, rust, old stuff…these are a few of my favorite things.  I have always associated these items with cottage style, but today I came across a blog, LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home, that made me rethink the classification of my  tastes.  Described as “Simple Farmhouse Living,” a look through LaurieAnna’s blog made me think, “farmhouse…farmhouse….yes, that’s it, farmhouse!”  I love it! 


A display in LaurieAnna's Shoppe using an old camper she found on Craigslist. Gorgeous!

I realize that style need not carry a title, but I’d always liked the cottage look, but I also love industrial items….and when I think about cottage+industrial = farm.  Right?   Charming porches with barn-style lighting.  Cozy dens with old barn-siding floors.  Bedrooms with chippy, rusted metal chests. 
 Farmhouse Barn door for bathroom – at

Buckets of Burlap bedroom using barn siding and a cowboy tub.


Bookshelf made from wood crates/pallets


Beautiful farm-style cabinet used for kitchen sink


Barn Style Bathroom from Rustic Cabinet as shown in Country Living

So I live in a retro 70s ranch-style home that has red formica countertops and brown carpet in the kitchen.  Not screaming fashionable farmhouse.

You know you're jealous...we do appreciate the sellers leaving us the matching tea kettle.I can't WAIT to tackle this badboy!

Does this peak your interest to see more of my beautiful new home?  Well, it just so happens that I did a whole post showcasing it in all her glory!
I’m so excited to start on my next project with all these fantastical (I know it’s not a word) farmhouse fun in mind!!
  I have a BUNCH of farmhouse-y and industrial chic purchases that I’ve made recently that I need to photograph and share….so I’ll get on that as soon as I can find a way to occupy my kids for 10 minutes….and when I can forge a path to that part of my garage!
I definitely suggest checking out LaurieAnna’s beautiful blog and shoppe
I’d love to hear your ideas about style and design. 

take care –


2 comments on “Design Style – Farmhouse vs. Cottage

  1. LaurieAnna says:

    Welcome to blogging Erin! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Such a lovely post, thanks so much for the shout out. I’ll be visiting often! LaurieAnna

    • Erin says:

      Thanks so much for taking time to check out my post and blog – it really means a lot to me. I really appreciate your time and am looking forward to seeing how your farmhouse progresses. Thanks again -Erin

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