Picks with Promise

Since I can’t share any of my finished projects until I actually have a space to finish some projects…I thought I’d show a couple of the treasures my husband and I found this weekend.  We found a fantastically cheap barn sale….we did not, however, find a babysitter….so I had to carry our 25 pound daughter and B had to watch our 2-year-old so no emergency trips for tetanus shots would be necessary (they are up to date on all shots, and I think Max has actually had his tetanus, but for the sake of my story, let’s go with it).   This made rifling through a cluttered, dirty, wet old barn a little difficult.   I can only imagine the fun stuff we would have found if we were able to dig in!  We still (I think) found some rusty, old,  crusty  fun stuff.

Please ignore our messy garage…we lost over 1000 sq ft when we moved to our apartment, so most of our belongings live in the garage.  (We also have a toddler who thinks mommy’s decor is more fun than any number of toys)


Old metal tackle box


old wood crate


Old Star Light

Everything obviously needs some serious love…and I can’t wait to get started on things.  We found some more little odds and ends today  Only 2 more days until we move….and oh yeah, I have 2200 sq ft of house that needs completely renovated too (plus, the babies!)
Have you found any fun treasures lately?  Or moved?  Do share!

Make Me Laugh

I’ve decided I need to have a video camera taping here 24/7 – my babies are hysterical – they make me laugh outloud every day.  There are sooooo many moments I wish I had recorded, that I don’t even remember any more.   Tonight, Max was doing the dance at the beginning of “Blue’s Clues”  (Or “blucu” as Max refers to it)  where he sits in the chair and puts his chin on his fists….he was following everything that “joe” was doing.  if only he followed me so well.  

Then, there’s Emme’s laugh.  She IDOLIZES her brother…he could throw her down the stairs and she’d laugh at him (not that I’m condoning this in any way).  She has the most obnoxious, loud laugh….just hearing her laugh makes me laugh out loud.  I’m currently on a mission to catch her laughing on camera…as I can’t imagine that anyone could watch it and not at least smile.

I’m one lucky mama!


It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here!

And I’m not talking about the way I look!!  This summer has been so hot, we’ve been stuck inside for most of it.  I guess I should be thankful that the past 2 summers weren’t so bad since I was SUPER pregnant with Max in 2009 and pretty pregnant with Emme in 2010.  We (minus Bryan – he’s on 1st shift this week) tried to go to the park this morning, and we barely lasted 30 minutes.  Max led the way to the car to leave, which is very odd.  I feel bad that we are pretty much stuck inside all the time – we get pretty stir-crazy hanging out in the apartment 24/7.

I’m so excited about moving to the new house -not only will we have about twice as much space, but we have a beautifully SHADED back yard.  Our patio at the apartment is a slab of hot cement with absolutely no shade until around 7pm – you kind of feel like you’re being microwaved when you are out there. 

Max is 2, Emme will be 9 months in 2 days!!

Finally….The First Post…

I’ve been planning to start a blog to keep track of my babies since before my first, Max, was born in the summer .  I’ve put it off because I have over 2 years of catching up to do, and I didn’t know where to start.  Before another day passes or anymore  milestones achieved, I thought it best to start now and catch up on the past over time.

Hopefully, one day they”ll read this and find some interest / entertainment in our daily life.

I’m also planning to use this blog to share the renovation of our new home and my attempt at starting a new business.  I’ve had my own business before, but this is something I’m much more excited about.  I won’t really be able to share my pictures and ideas until we are settled in our new house in September.

Please feel free to comment (nicely, please) or ask me anything you’d like.