Max’s Room – Almost Finished and a Sneak-Peak at Emme’s Room

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Max has been sleeping in his own room for about a week now.  If you’re having trouble getting your toddler to sleep alone in his or her own room, all you have to do is…..actually, I have no idea…Bryan has been sleeping with him every night.  Sorry if I gave you a little glimmer of hope that you may ever be able to sleep alone with your spouse in the next decade.

I’ve actually been feeling a little bit of mommy overload lately….and am severely in need of some alone time.  Even taking a 10 minute shower without Emme screaming or Max pounding on the door sounds like a day at the spa to me.  Emme’s nickname since birth has been “screech owl” because when she’s mad, she doesn’t scream, holler, cry…she screeches – shrieks.

 Between Emme’s screeching and my constant “no”s to Max’s death-defying stunts or attacks on his sister — I imagine the neighbors have considered putting children services on speed dial at least a couple times.

Enough venting…I know how blessed and lucky I am, it’s just been a rough couple days.  On to Max’s room…if you’ll remember Part 1 of his room redo –

There’s the before picture….It’s been a while since I’ve seen those pretty curtains….oh, how I miss them.

 I’ve since added a bed:

It’s all about taking baby steps.  Still not a fan of the blue carpet that’s throughout most of our house…not even a little bit, and it’s going to be a while before it changes.

I bought this chest of drawers before Max was born to use as a changing table (we’re tall people).  It was stained a lovely orange color…so I primed it, painted it black and then white before distressing it.  I wanted to get new knobs, but I was about 9 mos pregnant, so I just used the original hardware, which I painted black and dry brushed with some white. The drawers are very temperamental, so it may be getting the boot soon.

We’re planning to add some more toy storage, and I want to get a different lamp than the one that’s on the chest.  There’s no overhead lighting, so until we have that done, we are in short supply of lamps around here. I want to paint the step stool beside his bed.  I’m also planning to put some pictures on the walls from our trips to the zoo…after cars, animals are a fave around here (except for Scarlet, the black pug, Max enjoys tormenting her to no end)

Now, onto a peak at Emme’s room….at this rate, she’ll be going to college before I finish it…remember, baby steps.

Here’s my original inspiration and here are some of the details I’ve almost finished:

I don’t sew…so I did this using hot glue, which I’m learning might rival duct tape for its vast number of uses.  Of course, more to come on her room….I know you’ll lose sleep in anticipation of this!

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Kitchen Island

I’ve been looking for a “bean and seed” counter to use as a peninsula in our kitchen when we redo it…one day.  So far, all of the ones I’ve found have been a minor fortune…at least for my budget.  An example of the loveliness to which I refer:


Obviously, this one is much longer than what we would need…but you get the idea.  And I want to put it…

in place of this counter with the curved shelves on the end.  Neat-o, huh?

All of the counters I’ve found so far cost thousands.  So, when I was at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, I found this…for $75 (please pardon the poor photo – it’s currently sitting on its side in my still-unpacked garage)

It was in an old barn for a long, long time, but I love the wood handles and the metal tag-holders (not sure of correct name for those) and for the most part, the paint.

I’m love the chippiness and worn away areas, but not too fond of the red spray paint.  I haven’t had a chance to see if I can sand away to spray paint and get a more consistent finish. I know if I keep the chippy look, I’ll have to seal it so my daughter doesn’t eat it.  If saving the current finish doesn’t work, I’m planning to just sand the whole thing and re – paint it.  It needs a new top – I’m thinking butcher block….what do you think?  What would you do (please don’t say, “throw it in the trash.”)?

I need some advice on this one, so any you have to offer will be greatly appreciated!

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