My attempt and failure at Missoni-ing…


Didn’t somebody famous once say something about the only failure is in not trying?  Yeah, well, I tried, and I’d still have to call the result a failure.

So I saw these beautiful Missoni pillows on the Target website, but I’m not much of a seamstress, so I thought I’d try the same technique on an initial “S.”

Target Pillow

There’s also one in shades of purple that I love too.  Okay, so in my defense, the nearest craft store is about 40 minutes away–and craft store + toddler = chaos.  It’s been a rough week because Emme’s been teething and has been getting up several times a night.  My husband is on 3rd shift, so he’s basically absent….I have no idea how single moms do it!!!  Back to my craft fail – if I had the opportunity to go choose my own felt colors specifically for this project, I think it would have turned out somewhat better.   However, I just had a couple scrap pieces from trying to maky felt flowers a couple months ago.

So without further delay, here she is….

Note the unfinished back side in the mirror.

If I had the time and patience and materials to do it again, I think it would turn out better overall….but I’m still not sure that this look is meant for anything but a pillow.  Wall hangings….not so much.  I hope this has given you a feeling of joy and achievement as I’m sure any project you’ve completed recently MUST be better than this (I read an article on how to be a happy mom yesterday, and she mentioned that moms spend too much time comparing themselves….it’s okay, I’m fine with this failure)
Have you had a complete craft fail?  Please share the juicy details!
If by some crazy chance that this idea ran through anyone elses’ mind, I want to spare you the burnt fingers from the hot glue gun…so I’ve linked this post to:
Take Care and have a great weekend –